Stone effect to connect past and present

In a landscape that appears to be suspended between the sky and the earth, between the Val Brembana and the River Bembo, you will find Almè: a small township in the district of Bergamo, characterised by Medieval spots preserving their sound historical roots.

Past and present live together in the residential buildings of the town, thanks to the coexistence of traditional style houses with others inspired by contemporary design. Amongst these, the garden and entrance patio of a private villa are the expression of ideas that bring to mind the innovative elements of urban style.

As a perfect setting for minimalist style coloured furniture, Ceramiche Caesar has given character to the garden paving thanks to the monolithic Aextra20 porcelain stoneware slabs. Ideal to give shape and substance to the most diverse design requirements for outdoor uses, the Ceramiche Ceasar solution has been used in the 60x120 cm size, structured finish and captivating Versilia tone of the Portraits collection: the point in which the elegance and practicality of ceramic material meets intimate and domestic environments.   

Il materiale

Il sistema Aextra20 di Ceramiche Caesar si compone di superfici in gres porcellanato perfettamente squadrate e rettificate di spessore 20 mm, con finitura antiscivolo. L’elevata resistenza e la possibilità di scegliere tra differenti formati e quattro modalità di posa, rendono Aextra20 una soluzione adatta ad ogni tipo di pavimentazione in esterno.