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Living in a Ruin Like Piranesi

CRA breathes new life into a crumbling monastery within a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Italy. The project employs 3D scanners to convert the decaying ruin into a digital point-cloud. Then prefab timber skin is fitted into the old structure, preserving the trees and ivies that have grown amid the bricks. The design proposes a new framework for restoration, bridging the natural and artificial worlds.

Wood You Believe?

Coinciding with its 60th anniversary, Gruppo Saviola participates in the Salone del Mobile with "Wood You Believe?", installation created in partnership with international design and innovation office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and architect Italo Rota.

Carlo Ratti Co-Launches Real Estate Firm Focused on the Future of Workplace

Newly-established real estate investment firm IQON, founded by industry veteran Giovanni Gregoratti and MIT professor Carlo Ratti, has finalized its first deal with the acquisition of Vodafone’s global headquarters in the UK.

A House Built Around a Tree by CRA

CRA unveils the Greenary, a private residence built around a ten-meter-tall ficus tree, located at the center of the living space. The traditional Italian farmhouse was redesigned to showcase new approaches to blur the boundaries between the natural and artificial.

CURA: open-source design for emergency COVID-19 hospitals

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, an international task force of designers, engineers, medical professionals, and military experts have joined to work on CURA, an open-source project aimed at capacity building in Intensive-Care Units (ICU).

Unveiled the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020

Exactly one year before the opening of the Dubai Expo 2020, Italy unveils the final design for its national pavilion

CRA signs a new urban vineyard for Milan

CRA wins the international competition for Reinventing Cities with the design of a new research center under a 200-meter-long vineyard, connecting the street level to the rooftop with a seamless footpath.

Expo Dubai 2020: unveiled the Italian Pavilion

Inspired by an ancient marine tradition, three boats will arrive in Dubai by sea and then be raised and turned upside down to become the very roof of the building

Curators of 2019 Shenzhen's Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism announced

Carlo Ratti (Chief Curator), Politecnico di Torino and South China University of Technology (Academic Curators) are co-authors of one of the Bi-City Biennale’s winning proposals

The Greenary by CRA: building a house around a tree

International design and innovation office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati has unveiled the  Greenary , a renovated farmhouse designed around a 10-meter-high (32-feet-high) Ficus growing within the main living area

The Dynamic Street: a modular and reconfigurable paving system

CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati has collaborated with Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs in Toronto to design The Dynamic Street, a prototype for a modular paving system which aims to make streets reconfigurable

MC Video Chronicles: "Living Nature" by Carlo Ratti Associati

Un tour video all'interno dell'installazione “Living Nature.

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018: huge crowds and business growth

An extremely positive result for the 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, an increase of 26% compared with the 2017 edition. 

Living Nature. La Natura dell'Abitare on stage in Milan

The Salone del Mobile.Milano ponders the possible reconciliation of man and nature with an emotive installation that enters into the debate on the value of sustainable living

CRA and BIG to design the Singapore's new Tower for Capitaland

The 280m tall high-rise on 88 Market Street, jointly designed by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group is an oasis in the bustling Central Business District of Singapore.