Graziano Verdi

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Italcer acquires Florence-based company Devon&Devon

By the end of 2018, Italcer aims at a greater expansion of its brands’ portfolio, landing in the US with a 4.0 industry and realizing other significant acquisitions.

Italcer acquires Elios Ceramiche

Italcer, a company controlled by the Mandarin Capital Partners II Private Equity fund, has acquired 100% ownership of Elios Ceramiche from the Levoni family along with the business operations of Elle Ceramica.

MCP&Italcer announce acquisition of La Fabbrica

The company also announced the forthcoming construction of a new facility in Tennessee.

Graziano Verdi leaves Koramic Chemicals&Ceramics

Graziano Verdi announced that he had given his resignation as Chairman and CEO of Koramic Chemicals&Ceramics and Petracer's Ceramics.