Graziano Verdi leaves Koramic Chemicals&Ceramics

Graziano Verdi announced that he had given his resignation as Chairman and CEO of Koramic Chemicals&Ceramics and Petracer's Ceramics.

Koramic Chemicals&Ceramics and Petracer's thanked Mr. Graziano Verdi for the precious collaboration which enabled to develop and exploit all Group brands, improving, among others, two important acquisitions: Toscane et Tradition in Paris and the historical ceramic brand Pecchioli Ceramica Firenze.

Passing the management of the Petracer’s company to its founder Angelo Marchesi, Graziano Verdi will face new challenges and will undertake new projects, but will remain CEO and shareholder of the Italian parent company Petracer's Holding, holding both Petracer's Ceramics and Pecchioli. Verdi thanked the President Mr. Christian Dumolin for the extraordinary opportunity offered to him in these years of broad mandate in one of the main European multinational corporations.