GlamPure by Glamora

Glamora presents GlamPure, the new wallcovering made of European linen, coming about from an extensive research on sustainability and the principles of biophilia. 
GlamPure is entirely made of plant-based raw materials, decorating interiors with the tactility of its surface, inviting people to rediscover their affinity with the natural world. The technical qualities make the product ideal for use in residential and hospitality contexts inspired by bioarchitecture, standing out for its humidity-absorbing, insulating, heat-regulating, anti-allergy properties and exceptional durability.

The first collection has been inspired by the washi Japanese technique, playing around with the concept of stratification, by layering natural elements, or subtle patterns, like weightless gauzes. Thus, the walls design spaces inhabited by nature, in a range of delicate colours and earthy shades.