Profilitec presents Showertec Linear

Profilitec presents Showertec Linear, a range of linear channel bodies, 100% made in Italy, for floor-level, barrier-free showers.
The channel body is made of three elements: body, cover (removable and adjustable grids), and frame (optional).
The system meets high standards of technical and functional quality: the channel body is a single unit of AISI 316 Stainless Steel, without welding.
The true innovation of the Showertec Linear shower linear drainage system is the wide range of aesthetic combinations, as Cover and Frame are kept as two separate elements.

The cover is available in different versions:

  • “Invisible” fully tileable;
  • “Tileable” with internal frame;
  • “Metal” with visible cover in the finishes and materials available, among which stainless Steel and ALU+ (high-strength aluminum suitable for use in the shower).

To complete the system, you’ll find 2% pre-sloped shower trays range Showertec STL-TRAY, available in several sizes, ready to be tiled.

Showertec Linear is available in three models and several lengths:

  • LOW: installation height 56 mm (2 3/16”). This is a horizontal drain channel with a PVC hydrodynamic siphon, complying with UNI EN1253 standard;
  • STANDARD: installation height 73 mm (2 7/8”). This is a horizontal drain channel with PVC hydrodynamic siphon, complying with UNI EN 1253 standard;
  • VERTICAL: a vertical drain channel with 50 mm (2”) diameter.