A surface in motion: T R A M A by m²atelier

T R A M A is a contemporary texture that communicates with light and environment and creates a surface in action with a three-dimensional pattern that adds value to a shape and volume.
It is a versatile project about a geometric pattern with ornamental nature but tactile essence, visible as a surface "in motion", expressed through a dialogue between light and surrounding surfaces, colors and textures.
A surface and shape where front and reverse, positive and negative, are constantly switching based on the angle of our perception playing an optical illusion.

A well-defined sign in its simplicity and geometric rigor, a decorative motif that personalizes the
surfaces in a continuous play of light and shadow, the difference in depths, diagonal cuts, a total
look that enhances an “identity”, defines a style and highlights the material characteristics.
The T R A M A project initially started with development of the bathroom elements such as
washbasins, wall finishes and custom-made faucets; and then it perfectly applied its contemporary nature and elegance to any environment.

Strong sculptural effect and sharp angular architectural body enhance the vibrant image and prismatic volume of T R A M A objects.

The m²atelier project T R A M A brings together different manufactures with outstanding capacities to translate the texture through their own essence: from the leather by Foglizzo, to the marble and stone by Manuel Coltri, Niva’s metal and the resin and gypsum surface by Romano Zenoni, to the custom-made taps of Dornbracht and the fibre-reinforced ceramic mortar of 3D SURFACE.