Zero Emission Event: focus on sustainability with OM Still and the Romani Group

The first Zero Emission Event - organized in Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) – had the aim of analysing the state of the most advanced innovations for an efficient and eco-friendly logistics. It demonstrates how sustainability is a growing and sensitive theme for corporations, especially in the production.

The event, promoted by the company specialized in machineries for production OM Still, presented the most suitable solutions of the brand to a large group of participants, for an increasing sustainable logistics.

Giorgio Romani had been asked to be the special testimonial, in order to describe his direct experience with the products. He is the President of Romani Industrie Ceramiche Group, a company that shares the mission of Zero Emissions, linked to OM Still by a strong partnership.

“I accepted with pleasure the invitation to this initiative - Romani explains - It is a great opportunity to stress the importance of reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Our company has always been sharing this philosophy; it is not by chance that we have recently renewed the fleet by passing from the combustion forklifts to OM STILL electric technology”.