Acoustic comfort, design and talent in ECOcero's new offices

The company has collaborated with renowned designers Erico Navazo, Noé Prades, The Room Studio, Alejandra Pombo, and Masquespacio for its new catalog, whose collections have been installed in ECOcero's new offices in San Vicente del Raspeig.

ECOcero, a specialist in sustainable acoustic solutions, has inaugurated its new offices in San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante) as a physical showroom for its new catalog, comprised of five new collections of sustainable and design solutions in collaboration with designers Erico Navazo, Noé Prades, Masquespacio, Alejandra Pombo, and The Room Studio.

During the opening event, the company showcased all its new products, ranging from panels to lamps, all created from recycled PET plastic. Sustainable acoustic materials have been ECOcero's hallmark since 2017.

"Total creative freedom using a new sustainable material that provides complete acoustic comfort." That was the briefing received by each of these professional teams who applied their knowledge, know-how, and creativity to create highly adaptable, flexible pieces designed for all types of spaces, from offices and restaurants to hybrid spaces and even homes”, says Jorge Bellido, CEO of ECOcero.

The collaborations had two objectives: to create an acoustic solution and an original artwork from which a limited series would be produced, with the proceeds donated to various NGOs. "With both initiatives, we wanted to break down the glass wall that separated acoustics and design to make way for creativity using acoustic and sustainable materials. It's a versatile material that can be cut, die-cut, folded, glued, and offers countless possibilities. Each designer had complete creative freedom to define and materialize their designs," explains Bellido.

ECOcero and Alejandra Pombo

Regarding her collaboration with ECOcero, Alejandra Pombo explained:

"For our studio, acoustic material has always been seen as rigid and static. That's why, when this project was proposed to us, we decided to challenge that stereotype. We chose shapes and movement, enjoying the creative process and drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the 70s."

In her proposal, Alejandra Pombo combined aesthetics and functionality with modular and organic pieces that allow interior designers to play with color and shapes, expressing their creativity and uniqueness while providing sensory comfort.

ECOcero and Noé Prades

In the case of Noé Prades, the designer drew inspiration from nature to showcase the versatility of acoustic materials in two lamps that make up the BEATS collection:

"Breeze is a ceiling model that recreates the movement of airwaves, while Colibrí evokes the song of a hummingbird. Furthermore, it can be installed horizontally, vertically, at an angle, or attached to the wall."

BEATS has been awarded the Archiproducts Awards 2023 for its eco-design and sustainability.

ECOcero and Masquespacio Studio

Designer Ana Milena Hernández of Masquespacio explained at ECOcero's headquarters that her proposal materialized in an infinite puzzle, with small volumes shaping and enriching the final compositions.

"We played with load and shadow so that they could work in an office, a hotel, or a restaurant. We wanted to capture our creative universe with very colorful options, but you can also choose shades like beige, white, and black," she commented.

Masquespacio's design delves into the collective imagination of Rothko to expand the range of possibilities for interior designers when it comes to caring for acoustic comfort in their spaces through design and sustainability.

ECOcero and Erico Navazo

 Erico Navazo has expressed his creativity in the MEET collection, which emulates the aesthetics of wood and complements ECOcero's ECOnordik panel line. "It combines the organic and the linear very well," commented the designer, who also created the piece Over, a panel that recreated the overlap of minerals in vertical cut, conceived as an aesthetic and decorative panel.

ECOcero and The Room Studio

The Room Studio, which won the award for the best stand at the recent Interihotel with ECOcero's space, has designed a line of acoustic panels that incorporate lighting into the design.

"When this project was proposed to us, we thought about the problems we face when trying to incorporate acoustic solutions into our spaces. And, as we are passionate about lighting, we fused it with acoustics. The panels come in two sizes and are based on simple geometric shapes," said Josep Puigdomènech of The Room Studio.

There are various options in terms of colors and light temperature, and they can be used on walls and even ceilings.

"It is not based on specific shapes so that the interpretation of the pieces is free. These are solutions that interior designers need in their daily work," said Meritxell Ribé of The Room Studio.

The offices are complemented by the collection of acoustic panels from the Welcome Design studio, an explosion of vegetal color intervened on Rafa Ortega's ceiling. Every square meter of material used in all of ECOcero's products represents the recycling of 75 plastic bottles, and in a year, their facilities in San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante) recycle more than five million plastic bottles into acoustic conditioning panels.

"ECOcero was born from sustainability. Now we wanted to take it a step further, betting on design to complement acoustics. This way, we want to facilitate and enrich the acoustic work of interior designers to ensure the well-being their spaces convey through sustainable and versatile materials. They can be cut, die-cut, folded, glued, and offer a thousand more possibilities," explains Jorge Bellido, CEO of ECOcero.

He also commented, "Each designer had complete creative freedom to define and materialize their designs. The result has been astonishing in all cases. Our technical team has been in continuous communication with the interior designers, and the result is spectacular. The works that have emerged from this collaboration will mark a before and after in the future of acoustics."