Marina by Lithea: from the depths

The marine landscape takes center stage in the collection designed by Elena Salmistraro, who, through her creative alphabet, interprets the mysterious creatures inhabiting the depths.

Anemone is a modular decorative panel that grafts a stratification of plants, mollusks, and living organisms onto the grid of geographic coordinates, creating a game of layers that extends from the seabed to simplified boat profiles.

The collection also includes 3 Porifera coffee tables of various shapes and heights, entirely made of stone and marble, characterized by pure geometries that are softened and smoothed to evoke the movement and softness of water.

Through simple cuts and joints, complex objects are generated that maintain a close formal connection with the Anemone panel.

ph Nino Bartuccio


Bianco Avorio, Rosso Diaspro, Grigio Tunisi


Anemone wall panel / l 300 x h 300 cm
Porifera high coffee table / 70 x 70 x h 65 cm
Porifera low coffee table / 110 x 110 x h 35 cm
Porifera medium coffee table / 88 x 65 x h 45 cm