Scapin Collezioni: where art meets design

Scapin Collezioni is a visionary and unconventional brand that explores the perimeters of the designscape with curiosity, creativity and irreverence. Formed in 2017, as a spin-off of La Veneta, a historic art-furniture company, Scapin represents its parent company’s radical pop soul. Its creations are unusual and visually dramatic. Oscillating between tradition and experimentation, they hit the sweet-spot between first-class craft production, high-innovation design and contemporary art. This concept culminates in the brand’s two latest collections by internationally renowned designers.

Elena Salmistraro’s “New Atomic Age” draws inspiration from the period between the 1940s and 1960s, when – despite the pall of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear catastrophe –  the world still found the vigour to imagine a better future. And, indeed, to develop designs by daringly throwing together shapes and graphic symbols linked with the fear of atomic energy. Scapin expresses these neo-tribal, post-atomic allusions through delicate inlay work and interweavings of marble and resin.

With “Nazca Booby”, by contrast, Matteo Cibic harnesses colour and revelatory juxtapositions to create exquisite objects with nuanced lacquering, inspired by the feet of the graceful South American birds of the same name.