“Sibylle” by Studiopepe

A collection in which colour and form intertwine in a delicate dance to celebrate feminine sensibility

Si l’on n’est pas sensible, on n’est jamais sublime.
Only those endowed with sensibility can ever hope to attain the sublime.

The collection “SIBYLLE” is the product of the first collaboration between Studiopepe — an Italian design, architecture, and creative direction agency founded by Arianna Lelli Mami & Chiara Di Pinto —, and Once Milano, an Italian company that reinterprets linen homeware products.

Inspiration for “SIBYLLE” has been the concept of “sensibility”— that is, the enigmatic and exquisite aesthetic perception of reality.

The intense, prolific dialogue between Studiopepe and Once Milano has fostered the creation of a collection of textiles, accessories, and lamps designed for the type of woman who is accustomed to think freely as she moves in space — a woman who is in control of the world around her.

In the words of Allegra Marchiorello, co-founder and creative director of Once Milano: "Each collaboration enriches us both on a personal and on a creative level... It is the uniquely precious opportunity to become aware of a different perspective as we rethink our own work. Our teaming up with Studiopepe has given rise to a marvellous collection in which the creative vision of Arianna and Chiara [of Studiopepe] has assigned a central role to linen, while combining colour and form to exquisite effect. The dynamic interplay between linen and the rarefied sensory experience conveyed by Studiopepe’s design is a true alchemy. The end product is wholly original, unusual, and eclectic.”

The mythical Sibyls of Graeco-Roman antiquity, after which “SIBYLLE” is named, were deemed to be endowed with sensibility. As such, they were believed to have the capacity to probe the recesses of the material world through their senses. They were equally said to be capable of perceiving the “subtle” world, i.e., that world which remains hidden from most — a world that can only be contemplated through the eyes of one’s heart.

According to Studiopepe, “SIBYLLE” is a celebration of the senses viewed as precious tools for exploring and interpreting reality: “[A celebration of] the sense of touch, through textures that are rich and essential at the same time, much like the bush-hammered stone of the lamps and the embossed designs; [a celebration of] the sense of sight, through the colours of an enveloping and deep palette, itself the expression of the inner world; [a celebration of] the sense of hearing, through the light and seductive sound of crushed linen."

The collection consists of bed linen, embroidered cushions, lamps with asymmetrical lampshades, wall hangings, and flowing kimonos that wrap, protect, and cocoon the wearer, while opening them up to the world and to its infinite possibilities.

Studiopepe's approach to design pays special attention to colour as a decorative element. In “SIBYLLE,” warm and neutral tones of beige and pink conduct a nuanced dialogue with the more lively and vibrant shades of cobalt blue and burgundy.

On the surfaces of “SIBYLLE,” free, apparently random, geometric shapes are bound together by the graphic mark of the embroidery and chase one another against the material background, while stylized feminine patterns, suggestive of the feminine principle that is present in each and every one of us, recur throughout.

In “SIBYLLE,” form pursues colour and colour pursues form in a perpetual sensory game — the bidimensional game of the wall hangings and of the kimonos but also the tridimensional game of the asymmetrical lampshades, which diffuse an enveloping and even mysterious light.

“SIBYLLE” is much more than just a homeware collection.

Rather, “SIBYLLE” is a channel that quickens our senses — a channel through which we may gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.

The Collection


The frame is reminiscent of tree bark and supports fabrics with textures that are both strong and soft — fabrics on which irregular brushstrokes are inextricably intertwined with wool threads that speak of femininity. Three colour variants: Cream design; Bordeaux design; Taupe design.


Three lamps that speak of matter — the sort of rough matter that brings us back to nature. Bases in local bush-hammered stone highlight matter, even as lights and shadows dance together in space. Lampshades in crushed linen take on sculpted and “monastic” shapes. The harmonious dialogue between three colours, namely, Beige, Olive, and Vintage Pink, is interrupted by a Cobalt Blue which evades predictability.


The long kimono in “earthy” pink is made of crushed linen and is embellished with embossed embroidery. The short, reversible kimono embellished with embossed embroidery is cobalt blue on one side and neutral beige on the other.


Linen quilt with strong geometric shapes — the perfect balance between colour and design. Linens of different weights, joined together by a soft internal padding, produce the experience of enveloping softness. Three colour variants: Vintage Pink - Bordeaux; Beige - Cream; Cobalt Blue - Bordeaux.


Small decorative cushions (40 x 40 cm.; 15 ¾ x 15 ¾ in.) with geometric prints and with soft padding to match the quilts. Three colour variants: Beige - Taupe; Vintage Pink - Bordeaux; Cobalt Blue - Bordeaux.


Solid colour cushions (50 x 70 cm.; 19 ¹¹/₁₆ x 27 ⁹/₁₆ in.) with soft padding to match the quilts. Four colour variants: Bordeaux; Cobalt Blue; Vintage Pink; Taupe.


Rounded decorative cushion embellished with embossed embroidery. Solid padding. Four colour variants: Bordeaux; Cobalt Blue; Vintage Pink; Taupe.