Italprofili: new flooring support

The latest addition to the Italprofili range is STRONG 61.1S, the world’s strongest fixed flooring support because it is the first support on the market with a load capacity of 10 tonnes.

STRONG 61.1S is produced with a special raw material, which is recyclable, non-polluting, long-lasting and resistant to UV radiation.

Designed to be laid directly on the waterproofing membrane or any other substrate, it is the perfect solution for flooring that requires minimal elevation above the subfloor.  STRONG 61.1S is easy to install and adjust because the supports can be stacked on top of each other to increase height where required.

The spacer tabs prevent movement of the flooring, while at the same time absorbing thermal expansion. The effectively shaped base allows easy drainage of water, which can thus flow directly through to the waterproof membrane, thus preventing the formation of standing water.