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The restoration of Castel Thun in Trentino

Significant rebuilding work made aimed to spaces’ protection and to adapt the building to the new uses

Italprofili: new flooring support

The latest addition to the Italprofili range is STRONG 61.1S, the world’s strongest fixed flooring support because it is the first support on the market with a load capacity of 10 tonnes.

A terrace with a view in Venice

Impertek took part in the construction of this panoramic terrace with porcelain stoneware flooring, measuring 40x120 mm.

Impertek Pedestals for luxury design

Quando la tecnica incontra il design d'alta gamma: i piedistalli Impertek per la piscina dell’hotel extra-lusso firmato Patricia Urquiola

Profilitec presents "Uptec" for raised floors

This is a new system including accessories for the construction of raised floors by using only 3 components.

Hi-Line Rooftop Bar: luxury and technology at high altitude

Impertek’s Balance pedestals have been used to support 600 square metres of the Hi-Line Rooftop Bar, the Crown Resort’s new rooftop bar in Perth

Impertek supports for "La Terrazza" of Santambrogio Milano

The laying system selected for the installation of the materials is one of the main elements that contribute to the context beauty and the maximum structural comfort.