The multi-coloured, multi-effect LATICRETE® grouts facilitate installation and reduce warehousing

LATICRETE® grouts are designed to facilitate the filling of joints while preserving the original color due to their careful formulation.

Thanks to Microban® technology, they also offer protection against mould, fungus, and bacteria. These grouts are certified and guaranteed to have low VOC emissions and are suitable for any floor or wall covering, whether indoors or outdoors, commercial, or residential.

PERMACOLOR®SELECT is a high-performance, synthetic fiber-reinforced, quick cement grout that makes it easy to fill joints. It has anti-shrinkage and anti-cracking properties.

It is the first cement grout with a practical COLOR KIT in 52 colors. Combine the water-soluble pods with the neutral base of PERMACOLOR®SELECT to obtain a wide range of colors.

Its simple handling eliminates the need for large stocks of color and allows warehouse space optimization by up to 80%.

It suits ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, stone, and glass mosaics. There are two variants: PERMACOLOR®SELECT and PERMACOLOR®SELECT FINE, for joint sizes ranging from 1 to 12 mm.

One of the top products is SPECTRALOCK®PRO PREMIUM GROUT. This very easy-to-clean, high-performance, three-component epoxy grout provides perfect adhesion to ceramic, wood, stone, metal, and glass materials. Its uniform consistency offers superior chemical and mechanical resistance to wear, abrasion, heavy loads, and acidic substances.

Available in 52 colors, it is also available in special variants:

  • TRANSLUCENT, which allows light to pass through, is ideal for swimming pools, fountains, and underwater applications.
  • DAZZLE, with metallic and fluorescent effects in gold, silver, copper, pearl, and blue.
  • 2000 IG, suitable for industrial applications, thanks to its high resistance to chemical and corrosive agents.

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