MyDesign: Schlüter products in exclusive colours

With MyDesign by Schlüter-Systems, the Iserlohn-based company is now offering a programme with which numerous Schlüter products can be colour-coated – and in no less than 190 shades of the RAL CLASSIC colour chart.

Schlüter customers already offered its customers a wide range of colour coatings for aluminium profiles and the convenient SHELF wall storing shelves - including the nuanced colour choices of The Schlüter-TRENDLINE programme. In many cases, this enables the customers to choose products with an optimal colour match for the respective tile covering.

To realise colour preferences outside of these options, the market leader has developed the MyDesign programme. This way, almost every project can be individually implemented, be it the corporate design guidelines of a company, a matching accompaniment of coloured object ceramics or unusual colour preferences of a building owner.

With 190 colour options the creative possibilities are virtually unlimited. The shades of the RAL CLASSIC colour chart are available for the Schlüter-QUADEC, -RONDEC, -JOLLY and -FINEC finishing profiles. In addition, the skirting profile DESIGNBASE-SL can also be coated in a colour of choice, as can the practical Schlüter-SHELF wall storage shelves.

From a bathroom to a coffee point in the office to a hotel lobby: MyDesign allows for a wide variety of rooms to be designed with a uniform and individual colour concept. The extensive custom colour programme can also be used for outdoor areas.

Various BARA profiles for securely finishing the edges of balconies and terraces are available with individual coatings.