Litokol presents Starlike

Litokol, the Italian company specialised in the production of adhesives, sealants, material for building and internal decoration, together with Material ConneXion Italia is among the protagonists of the 55th edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano, the international exhibition for the furnishing and design sector. All products in the Starlike® line will be exhibited: its wide range of colours, the different types of use and infinite finishings

The preparation of the intense colours of the Litokol area in the Materal ConneXion space is designed to give value to the wide colour selection and texture of Starlike®, to underline the versatility of a multi-faceted and thousand-use material which can stimulate creativity in those who understand its characteristics and potential.

The twin component epoxy mortar Starlike® by Litokol has been in the Material ConneXion international library since 2012, in the polymers section and in particular in the Milan hub together with over 4000 materials. Before being selected, Starlike® was positively evaluated by a commission formed of top international experts and researchers of innovative materials.

The objective of Materal ConneXion is to promote the creation of contact between material producers and potential users, supporting them in the research of material solutions for their projects and offering producer companies unique and unconventional visibility tools.

Material ConneXion® is the largest international centre for research and consultancy on innovative and sustainable materials. Today, Material ConneXion is part of the Sandow Media group, a leading editorial company in the US, and is present in Europe and Asia, as well as the New York headquarters. The presence of Starlike® in this prestigious archive of innovative materials confirms the excellent characteristics of this product, chosen by architects, designers, layers and by the best mosaic manufacturing companies in the world.

Starlike® is a unique product with the advantage of having three different uses: adhesion, sealing and grouting, and is a reference point for tile layers, who appreciate the ease of application and cleaning, for the world of projects and furnishing that can choose from a wide range of propositions for attention to detail and the colour combinations of every domestic, industrial or public solution.

It is suitable for grouting gaps of between 1 and 15 millimetres. It is a two component mortar: part A is made up of a mixture of epoxy resin, inert silica and additives, whereas part B is made up of a mixture of organic catalysts and is unique on the market in not having corrosive labelling according to the latest relevant European regulations.

Following the international patent received in 2007, the entire range of Starlike® epoxy sealants has become resistant to UV rays, following experiments undertaken in 2011 by the Litokol laboratory together with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The research has led to the creation of a new formulation of this mortar, making it resistant to ultraviolet rays, as well as to extreme weather conditions; for this reason the gaps between tiles, even outdoors, do not change over time, make this product suitable for use in any climate conditions, in any country around the world.

Thanks to Starlike®'s wide range of colours, colour combinations with a wide assortment of tiles and mosaics can be made, even matching them with silicone in the same tones.
The basic Starlike® colours are divided into three collections, Classic, Glamour and Metallic, which when mixed with the Galaxy, Spotlight and Gold glitters and the photo luminescent additive Night Vision can create up to 132 different colour finishes and be used to personalise any environment in a unique way.