Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica presents City Lights

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica presents City Lights, the collection inspired by kaleidoscopic city lights that continuously change throughout the day and night. Iridescent shades, dazzling lights, alluring shadows and hypnotic sparkles: City Lights, with its color variations, reflects the moods, emotions and spirit of those who experience metropolitan spaces without hesitation, following their own rhythm and with their own vibe.

The collection comes in a stunning range of 8 colors. Sky captures the very first rays of sunlight before sunrise, with pale light blue shades which, in Sky Color, turn into the pastel shades of dawn. Amber is a snapshot of the blue sky as it turns into a warm pink hue with beige reflections, reaching a crescendo of colors that will make the background of Amber Color light up with bright reddish hues. With Grey Color and Grey, sunset turns into a grey veil woven with ochre threads that descends on the city skyline, while Night and Night Color capture the essence of night, with a fascinating crescendo of flickering lights. City Lights is a collection designed for those who are not afraid to express their personality and want to add more character to the spaces they live in. 

*Info tecniche

  • Dimensioni 75x25 cm
  • Colori: Night, Night Color, Sky, Sky Color, Amber, Amber Color, Grey, Grey Color
  • Materiale: Semigres
  • Destinazione: Rivestimento