The new WallPepper wallpapers for autumn


WallPepper®/Group presents the new wallpaper collections designed to warm domestic and commercial environments during autumn 2020. Among these, Ambiente, Kronos and Levante stand out: nature, the Orient and past eras inspire them.

Ambiente is a collection of graphics evoking the beauties of nature, its elements and its ‘inhabitants’. A succession of images expressing seasons, suggestive landscapes, exotic and ancient places made of colors, plants and flowers with a unique charm.

Kronos is a ‘history’ bringing on walls the fascination of the past. This is a timeless, sensitive and exciting collection to experiment special combinations and create intriguing contrasts with contemporary furniture. Architecture, wainscoting, frescoes, textures, ancient decorative traditions, images reinterpreting real places: Kronos is an unexpected journey through ‘quotes’ and past atmospheres from the world of art.

Levante is a time travel, between floral paradises and idyllic scenarios evoking nature, culture and the magical atmosphere of the Rising Sun. A collection full of charm and mystery, which lends on walls the exoticism and poetry of distant lands, creating amazement in contemporary interiors.

WallPepper®, Levante collection, interprets the rich oriental heritage: typical gardens, natural landscapes, symbols and icons of Asian culture retrace the decorative and figurative traditions