The winning projects of Next Landmark

Next Landmark AWARD 2021 - the international competition promoted by Floornature with the support of the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation - has now the winners of its 10th edition. The Landmark of the Year Award - for a completed work - was awarded to "Casa en el Bosque", by the architect Moises Morales, co-founder of W.E.Y.E.S Estudio, Mexico. The Research Award - for an academic or independently developed project - was awarded to the Italian architect Selene Amico for “Regenerated Spaces (間) around Lighthouse”. The two architects won a stay at the International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the distribution of the project on the online media of Iris Ceramica Group and the certificate of victory of the Next Landmark International Award 2021.
The technical-scientific committee awarded them for the originality, a low environmental impact, new ways of using space and the technical, aesthetic and conceptual innovation.

The winning projects

"Casa en el Bosque", by the architect Moises Morales, is located in a residential area of the municipality of Santiago, in the state of Nuevo León (Mexico). It is not a traditional single-family dwelling, but a house that interacts and lives in symbiosis with the natural surroundings, respecting the local topography and vegetation. On a plot of about 700 square meters, with a gradient ranging from 28 to 35%, the architect Moises Morales has created a widespread dwelling, consisting of four independent volumes, suspended from the ground and connected by stairs, corridors and external bridges. The four units have been conceived with specific functions: the first unit houses the garage and a storage room, while the second has the living area, with the living spaces, a terrace and an internal patio; the other two include bedrooms with bathrooms for owners and guests. A housing project designed in terms of nature-based solutions (NBS): it perfectly fits the surrounding forest, with the main intention of leaving the least possible footprint in nature.

“Regenereted Spaces (間) around Lighthouse” is the research project of the Italian architect Selene Amico, dedicated to the architectural and landscape recovery of lighthouses. Supported by a deep analysis, the research focuses on the Campania region and reconsiders the role of the lighthouse, a symbol of the coastal areas and their collective memory. The project leads to reflections on the regeneration of these particular architectures and suggests new ways of using the existing heritage, enhancing and promoting local specificities. Lighthouses can represent an important resource for the community: their potential opens up economic opportunities based on cultural and landscape experiences.