Cà delle Alzaie: nature and sustainable materials drive a new urban renewal

In an unspoilt corner in Treviso, just few steps from the city center, you will find Cà delle Alzaie, a zero-impact complex of buildings signed by the starchitect author of the award-winning Bosco Verticale.

The project is another example of the combination of environmental sustainability, maximum living comfort and functionality, achieved by integrating nature and structure and by using technological and innovative building solutions.

“Instead of an abandoned factory, on the river bank there are three small buildings with 120 trees and 400 shrubs on their facades that can produce more than 2.7 tons of oxygen in a year”, Stefano Boeri tells. “A delicate presence that recreates the relationship between the city of Treviso, near the ancient walls, and the river Sile”.

The primary aim of the project is the maximization of the green area, be it public or private. The green condominium surface is divided into the private gardens of the houses, on the first level, and condominium gardens that follow the gentle slope of the embankment up to the bank of the Sile.

Overall, the resulting front is discontinuous but allows each building to fully benefit from the relationship with the landscape; also the car parks and parking spaces are located at a semi-underground level, covered with backfill, which doesn’t interrupt the continuity of the green space that joins the public green of the riverside”, Marco Giorgio, Project Director of Stefano Boeri Architetti, adds.

This sustainable model joins the philosophy of the largest brick producer, active on sustainable innovation, Wienerberger, which is involved in the urban recovery project.

The project of Cà delle Alzaie will include the construction of a residential area where housing requirements and wellness needs are at the center of the entire construction process. This urban renewal will be divided into three buildings that will house 60 apartments, which will be zero-impact and oriented to the highest energy savings thanks to a long-lasting and efficient thermal insulation, ensured by Wienerberger brick solutions. The microporosity of the bricks, obtained with virgin wood flours and vegetable fiber blends, is designed to provide excellent levels of comfort. Moreover, thanks to the grinding system that allows making mortar joints of just 1 mm thick, the thermal bridge between one course and another is eliminated, to get higher thermal performances.

Each apartment will have comfortable spaces, a careful management of natural light combined with visual privacy, direct views across the river and the acoustic privacy that allow you to organize the space just as the houses in condominium. The condominium gardens, a playground, outdoor training and bike sharing stations besides a connected multi-purpose room will complete the complex, conceived as a residence. Each garage will also be equipped with a socket for electric car charging and two stations with fast charging columns for condominiums.