An eclectic room, a tribute to Sottsass

A room, 15 square meters only, in Milan turns into a place with a strong stylistic imprint, a pop soul and a skilful mix of colors, furnishings and surfaces.

Studio Paradisiartificiali is the author of the project, an anonymous Milanese collective that when was rethinking a spiral staircase (as requested by the client) that is now impracticable, randomly came across the Wikipedia page dedicated to Memphis, discovering how the well-known movement was officially born in Ettore Sottsass’s house in the evening of 11th December 1980. Hence, the desire to transform this discovery into a true celebration of this important anniversary (40 years) and to interpret the space entrusted to them as an homage to the great Master.

In order to enhance all the elements of such a distinctive space, Paradisiartificiali selected for floors the porcelain stoneware collection RE-evolution by Lea Ceramiche, the ultra-thin slabs of the Slimtech series - 3.5mm thick and large sized (100x100cm in this case) . Standing out for a sober and elegant style and the delicate patterns on the pearl gray surface typical of the resin brushing, they become the ideal setting to welcome and enhance the shapes, geometry and saturated colors of the few and coordinated furnishings.