An eye-catching porcelain stoneware “carpet” at the Szent Gellért school in Budapest

The redevelopment of Budapest’s Szent Gellért school by Arkad Terv - Csilla Kutlik is the perfect expression of the building’s chromatic and textural evolution.

Colourful porcelain stoneware tiles adorn the eye-catching floor creating beautiful geometric patterns and bringing the charming ambience of the past into the future. This choice was inspired by the original late 19th-century floor found while renovating the basement.

What looks like a porcelain stoneware carpet is created by combining 20x20 cm porcelain stoneware tiles from the Unicolore collection in Giallo Ocra, Grigio Cenere, Grigio Perla, Rosso Mattone, and Verde. 

The colours of the porcelain stoneware tiles also appear on the walls, furniture, and the lockers, creating a playful and dynamic atmosphere across the spaces used by the children. On the other hand, this chequerboard composition clearly outlines the different areas while maintaining visual continuity.

The Unicolore collection is the result of advanced technology and research. These full-body, vitrified floor and wall tiles are ideal for public and commercial spaces.

These colourful porcelain stoneware tiles by Casalgrande Padana are modern, versatile, and in line with the latest trends. A kaleidoscope of pastel colours makes them perfect for floors and walls in residential and public spaces, enhancing the beauty and natural feel of the tiles.