LATICRETE for 3. Istanbul

LATICRETE® Europe has improved the already successful waterproofing liquid membrane HYDRO BAN®, and achieved the coveted European Technical Approval Guideline classification, ETAG 022. HYDRO BAN® is a superior liquid applied thin waterproofing membrane and anti-fracture membrane that combines optimum performance and unmatched productivity. The product is also rapid drying meaning that flood testing and tiling can begin quickly, even in cold temperatures, saving waiting time and ultimately, money. 

The product is normally used as part of swimming pool system or wet-room installation, but it is flexible, not only in performance but types of installation use. This flexibility was met recently when HYDRO BAN® was chosen in front of stiff competition as the liquid membrane for one of the biggest housing developments in Europe.

The progressive Turkish Building Developer 3. Istanbul is constructing a new residential development in the Başakşehir suburb, to the north west of the marvelous and cultural city of Istanbul in Turkey. With fourteen exclusive blocks of premium apartments, a shopping mall, sports gym, mosque, cafes, restaurants, theatre and swimming pool development, it makes it one of the most prestigious and sort-after developments in Turkey.

Each apartment and block has been especially designed to meet the client needs, a big challenge for any construction company. According to De Zeen Magazine “3. İstanbul will impress you with its architectural design, the very first moment you see it.” The Grand Residence will be the focal residential block with 79 premium apartments. It is also being constructed simultaneously next to the new Health City development, which is a twelve hospital, 2,862 bed medical centre, and will be the biggest in Europe when completed in two years time.

HYDRO BAN® was chosen by the Design and Build team at 3. Istanbul to be part of the development specification, which can be used in a variety of applications from traditional waterproofing in bathrooms to part of a roofing waterproof system applied on concrete. The tough construction site conditions and weather meant that HYDRO BAN® had to be applied by a Graco Mark V Airless Spray method for the roofing applications. This proved the versatility of the product, which can be sprayed, rolled, brushed or painted.

The quick drying ability of the product also helped with flood testing the area before the rest of the system was installed. Any delays while the product was curing could have caused implications for the rest of the system.

The development in Turkey will continue for the rest of 2018, and with this prestigious project now won, lead to further specification wins for the product. With the new ETAG 022 classification, LATICRETE® can now return to, or enter new markets where ETAG 022 is an expected standard, opening up new opportunities for this and other LATICRETE® products.