A modern Australian residence shaped with laminated wood

The residential project of the new Australian house, located on the east coast and overlooking the sea, plays with contrasts. The modern and minimal design of the architectural structure is skilfully softened by the natural materials employed, such as wood and stone, which lend the residence an organic and eco-friendly allure.

Marketed in Italy by Ravaioli Legnami, the laminated wood Abodo was selected for the exterior cladding and flooring, for its quality, elegance and versatility. In this project, the serrated effect makes coatings look more industrial and modern.

The material

Abodo® is the laminated timber from New Zealand, heat-treated according to the “Vulcan” process, guaranteed for 15 years, ideal for the creation of wall coverings, sunblind and shading devices, attics and decorative architectural profiles in general. The raw material used for its production is Pino Radiata, grown in New Zealand forests that are managed according to FSC® criteria. Abodo has no knots but few small cracks; it is not subjected to dimensional variations, thanks to its high-tech manufacturing process. This process consists of a first heat treatment at 230°C, which improves its physical features, changes its tone to a warmer brown and enhances the scent of toasted wood.

Subsequently, the material is selected and cut into thin layers with the ribbed grain on the visible side: after gluing, the final profile has not flames and the joints between the strips are not visible. These selection and composition processes of the lamellar profile improve the dimensional stability and the compactness of the finished product; the final appearance is more homogeneous, harmonious and pleasant, marked by continuous veins on the visible side.

Abodo profiles are available with two different effects on the visible side: serrated or planed. The first effect lends the material a particular raw look, with a more modern and industrial style, leaving the wood soft and without splinters to the touch. On the contrary, the planed effect presents a more traditional and classic look, which emphasizes the striped grain typical of Abodo. It is possible to further refine and customize the final product, with specific neutral or colored woodstains: with the "saw cut" effect, these penetrate very deeply, slowing down the oxidation process of the product.

Besides finishes customization, in Abodo you can tailor the sections and the design of the final profiles. They are actually obtained from very long beams (4.80 meters) with a 140x140 mm section, from which it is possible to get different profiles according to the design needs or the requests of the end customer.