Top-class retreat on Spain's Mediterranean coast

A sun-blessed holiday home in southern regions which can be used almost all year round thanks to the mild climate is the dream of many people. A family from Belgium has turned this charming idea into reality on the Costa Blanca (Alicante province, Spain). There, a timelessly elegant villa was created which is impressive because of its noble architecture, breathtaking location and careful use of materials.

Ceramic tiles as an aesthetic link

In addition to the location and profile of the plot and the architecture itself, the furnishings, accessories and materials used determine the overall effect of a building. The client family had very specific demands with regard to colour and design language: they wanted clear lines and visual axes, no exaggerated colourfulness or exuberant opulence, but rather cultivated minimalism as well as durable components with a natural look and discreet perceived value. 

The latter becomes evident, for example, in the case of the floor and wall coverings, which, due to the high proportion of surface area, have a decisive influence on the whole. For this, the owners chose ceramic tiles from the Quarzit collection of the brand Agrob Buchtal: consistently in uniform formats (60 x 60 cm on the floor, 30 x 60 cm on the wall), which were used both inside and outside for reasons of architectural stringency. This seamless connection of the living spaces with the open-air areas (pool, terrace, stairs) and the literally "continuous" covering with ceramic tiles from the Quarzit series created an overall ensemble which appears homogeneous, sovereign and generous, even though the plot area of around 1,300 square metres is comparatively manageable.

Intelligent architecture and zoning

The individual areas of the villa also correspond to the general demands mentioned above: everything appears airy and refreshingly unpretentious, but at the same time has that certain something and embodies stylistic competence at a high level.
The heart of the house is a central room with kitchen, breakfast bar, dining and living area. It offers fantastic views around the clock thanks to generous glass surfaces on the long and short sides, in front of which there are two partially covered outdoor seating arrangements protected from the wind and view. Depending on the time of day, these are in the sun, partially or completely in the shade, so that variable use is possible spontaneously without any rearranging. 

The bathroom is located adjacent in a projecting part of the building and thus combines easy accessibility with the necessary discretion. This important sanitary room is relatively small in terms of surface area, but conveys a pleasant feeling of calm and space thanks to its restrained furnishings and skilful room layout, which even allowed for a bathtub and a large walk-in shower. The attention to detail is also remarkable: it is evident in the well thought-out arrangement of the fittings or the floor and wall tiles, which were carefully laid including neat finishes at projections and edges.

The bedrooms are climatically cleverly located on the west side of the building on the ground floor and in the particularly cool basement: there, too, you can end the day relaxing or welcome it in the fresh air through another small but fine terrace. On this lower floor, 60x60cm floor tiles from the Quarzit series were also used, which then create the design link to the upper floor via a staircase covered with them.

Additional benefits of a special kind

In order to enjoy the wonderful ambience to the full and to spend as little time as possible on annoying maintenance work, the owners paid attention from the very beginning not only to visual aspects but also to the practical properties of the materials used. 
For this reason, the decision was made in favour of glass, stone, anodized metal, lacquered furniture surfaces without handles, smooth leather or ceramic tiles, which fulfil this high demand in a special way: just as many series of the comprehensive range of the brand Agrob Buchtal, the Quarzit collection used here is already provided with "Hytect" ex works.

This innovative coating reduces the cleaning effort to a minimum, eliminates air pollutants and odours, and has an antibacterial effect without the use of chemicals - all aspects which fit into today's world and offer valuable additional benefits day after day.