The "Wallpaper Collection" by Devon&Devon covers the Botanique Eclectique Velvet

Located in the hub of Bologna, near Piazza Maggiore and the Basilica of San Petronio, Velluto | Botanique Eclectique is a new concept store and cocktail bar: during breakfast, lunch or an aperitif, it takes customers into a fantastic world.

The architecture and interior design studio Atelier Avanzi conceived it as a time and space machine. Here, jungle inspirations, urban atmospheres and echoes of the colonial style blend with surprising harmony with each other and exquisitely classic elements, such as the vaulted stuccoed ceilings and the marble and wooden floors. Moreover, the bold combination of furnishings (made of natural materials like wood, rattan and stone) and multicolored fabrics, as well as real plants and precious wallpapers by Devon&Devon, are in the spirit of the most successful eclecticism.

Designed by Vito Nesta and selected from the brand "Wallpaper Collection", the different versions stylize vegetal and floral elements in unexpected textures and color palettes. 
Botanica Makeup presents a display of flowers, plants and fruits in a rare and amazing extra-large version. Costa Rica Purple depicts a lively exotic forest traced by the organic geometries of banana leaves. Finally, in Bamboo Sky the supplest plant is transformed into a very neat geometric pattern with the designer's ironic and nonconformist eye.