Wide&Style Baloon for B&B Rettifilo 311

A new Bed & Breakfast was born in one of the most important commercial streets of Naples (Italy), namely Corso Umberto, known as “il rettifilo”, which takes its name from the position in which it is located.

The Rettifilo 311 project, curated by the architects Fabio D’Alema and Tiziana D’Ambrosio from 2D’A labdesign, involved the skilful conservative renovation of a location with a strong identity. The intervention has in fact maintained the elegant flooring in precious marble and introduced tiles and colors in each room that matched the polychrome natural stones already present. The common area, dedicated to conviviality, was instead redesigned by opting for the inclusion of an iconic covering, in line with the client's request to obtain an "instagram-friendly" space, contemporary and with an urban flavor.

The large size porcelain stoneware slabs from the Wide & Style Baloon collection by ABK * animate the walls of the room. The hot-air balloons protagonists of the range, whose colors have been taken up in the side paneling that decorate the room, give a cheerful look to the square footage, guaranteeing it considerable appeal and a great visual impact.

* Wide & Style Baloon by ABK

The graphic neo-minimalism of the ABK style office is characterized by a marked propensity for two-dimensionality. The gaze lingers on "essential" and dreamlike landscapes, which recall the illustrations of children's books but at the same time is fascinated by typically urban scenarios. The "flat design" infects textures and metropolitan elements that become more and more abstract and decorative also thanks to the free and creative use of the color element.