GLAMORA presents Komorebi Collection on GlamPure

Komorebi Collection on GlamPure, The Organic Wallcovering, has been created by Glamora to fulfil the desires of those who love beauty and elegance, and who seek sustainable interior design solutions which support the wellbeing of those who use them.

The Japanese term Komorebi evokes the image of “sunlight filtering through the trees”, a vision of tranquillity and energy which brings a new dimension to the space. Through this wallpaper collection, inspired by the Japandi aesthetic, a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese style, Glamora promotes a biophilia-based approach to living and encourages a reconnection with nature.

Flowers and foliage float upon the surface of the wallcoverings, a top-quality plantbased wallpaper which presents an alternative idea of luxury, wellbeing, and Made in Italy. It represents a conscious choice, mindful of people’s health and of nature, favouring materials with low environmental impact. Its tactile, material texture is visually evocative, conveying the pleasure of living in a unique interior setting.