Etro Home Interiors: Dark Neutrals and Mellow Tones

Etro presents the first Home Interiors collection designed by the creative director Marco De Vincenzo.

In his rereading of the Etro heritage tradition, De Vincenzo infuses his aesthetic with poetry and modernity in a furnishing line designed to create new domestic scenes. United by the art of savoir-faire, Etro and ONIRO Group, licensee of the brand since 2017, continue their partnership of excellence by planning a new collection in which color and fabric, founding elements of the Maison, are expressed in an explosion of lively patterns and shades.

The three main themes that dress up the collection are: “Dark neutrals”, an intense chromatic palette based on warm earth tones, “Enriched greens” a range of lush and lavish greens and “Functional blues”, a scale of blues that instils serenity to the settings.

Perfect expression of this new aesthetic made of expressive colors and immersive fabrics, the Cushy line is the star of the 2023 collection. Composed of sofa, armchair, bed and pouf, all characterized by soft and natural shapes, it is able to convey a sense of welcome and intimacy. The upholstery in the new Pluma, Amanti and Onda fabrics, with a rich and tactile appearance, enhances the full volumes of the seats, emphasizing their contemporary appeal.

Among the other pieces of the new collection, the new Dahlia armchair, inspired by the Milanese design, infuses a note of harmony into the space, pursuing an idea of enveloping relaxation. The Ease modular sofa, modern and essential, allows to create personalized combinations. The presence of large cushions amplifies the feeling of comfort, while the possibility of adding storage elements, trays and small tables allows to create additional functional areas. Ratio, a sofa with geometric shapes, characterized by decorative stitching, expression of Etro Home Interiors’ sartorial quality, is the protagonist of essential and contemporary living rooms. The Levity armchairs, with a retro-inspired charm, feature a refined design and an eclectic style combined with a contemporary aesthetics. The minimalist structure that gives life to the legs and armrests contrasts with the full volumes of the comfortable inclined seat.

New models of tables complete the collection: Double, with a minimalist aesthetic, Lagoon, with a contemporary cut and Fly Over, inspired by the 50s mood.