Mandalaki Studio @ MDW 2023

A site-specific installation in a new Milanese location worth to be discovered, Morel Milano in Via Privata Gradisca (Certosa area). Halo Expeditions is a hypnotic audio-visual experience that takes visitors to a primordial level. A short film made through the use of drones and sophisticated technologies that is presented for the first time on the big screen together with light and material installations.

Halo Expeditions

For the 2023 Milan Design Week, Mandalaki presents Halo Expeditions: an artistic project that experiments the perception of Halo light in extreme and remote environments, in search of an ancestral connection between man and nature. Mandalaki illuminates natural elements with sophisticated flight and optics systems designed specifically for the project, which allowed them to reach previously inaccessible places and observe the world from a new perspective.

A hypnotic audio-visual experience that transports visitors to a parallel, primordial and dreamlike world, connecting us back to our Earth and to the innate desire for discovery in our nature. The installation, designed within Morel architectures, former shoe cotton components manufacturer since 1930, at the gates of Milan, will include an exclusive projection on big screen of the short film "Dolomites" - between light and matter - first place of experimentation for the Mandalaki team and site specific installations that exploit the uniqueness and architectural characteristics of the space. Halo Expeditions is a project that combines art, technology, and nature to create a mystical experience that invites us to reflect on the meaning of our existence and helps us rediscover our bond with nature.

Design Credit: @mandalaki_studio

Halo Mag System

The system enriches the Halo Edition collection, the independent brand created by Mandalaki Studio. Today, homes are no longer just places to sleep and eat in, but are becoming multi-use spaces. People pursue the possibility to work, exercise, have fun, and relax in the same environment. Design must respond to these new needs, offering functional and innovative solutions that allow spaces to be easily and quickly transformed.

Mag System perfectly fits into this context, with a magnetic battery-powered lighting system that is cable-free, flexible in space, and easy to install, offering a perfect solution for the needs of modern home spaces. The light source is an anodized aluminum element, equipped with the latest LED technology, lightweight, compact, and resistant, combining style, quality, and functionality in a single product. Thanks to its magnetic system and intelligent accessories, it becomes a transversal object in space, which transforms according to needs, extending mobility both inside and outside.

Mag System is available in three different versions: Mag, Mag Table, and Mag Floor, in order to offer maximum versatility. Its light, dimmable in 4 levels of intensity (30 - 100 - 250 - 550 lumen), is warm and welcoming, guarantees glare-free lighting comfort, and is available in Warm White and Sunset Red colors, depending on the version. The battery life has been designed to offer an uninterrupted experience: depending on the intensity set, it can vary between 8 and 100 hours of autonomy.

Design Credit: @mandalaki_studio
Cover Photo: Marco Menghi