Naturedesign: authentic materials in human hands

For Naturedesign, the heart of every project is the material used and its expressive potential. The historic brand from Cerea, near Verona - now in its third generation and led by Thomas Franco - has been a leader in sustainability since the beginning. The legacy continued at Milano Design Week 2022 with collections presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano. Naturedesign’s ethical and aesthetic code has always been rooted in the re-use of materials and the reclamation of rare woods, which are then paired with stone, glass, leather, and metal in unique and ultra-contemporary design works. This also reflects an act of rediscovery of the region’s extraordinary and rare traditions of artisan craftsmanship - a heritage to be preserved and protected - including, for example, the traditional glassmaking arts of Murano.

The ILL table symbolizes the brand’s philosophy. The top is made of reclaimed wood derived from centuries-old architecture, and has been expertly restored with meticulous and skilled woodworking. Treated with 100% non-toxic and sustainable paints, it preserves the patina of time. The grain of the wood reveals the story of its past, while standing out to tell the story of its future. The base is made of cast glass on cast-iron molds, a typical Murano process that gives this quintessentially sustainable material the structural solidity required. 

The forms become essential in the extreme, given that the role of design is to allow the sensory vibrations of the material to emerge. This purity of form returns in the Waterfall table, made entirely of glass, celebrating the material’s transparency and lightness. The poetry of material also reimagines a classic accent piece: the River sideboard, both modern and timeless, brings together reclaimed wood, glass, and leather. The connection between domestic spaces and the home that characterizes all of Naturedesign’s work is also apparent in the Lymph table, whose sinuous and organic surface evokes biomorphic forms to introduce a new concept of conviviality.

Naturedesign embraces artisan processes, natural materials, and a low environmental impact supply chain that extends to transportation, specifically designed to curb CO2 consumption. Pieces from the latest collections are designed for “air-free” travel, meaning that they are disassembled and bound by highly-compact, plastic-free packaging. Those who choose a table, a sideboard, a chair, or a bookshelf by Naturedesign embrace nature with love and respect.


Dusk sideboard

Volumes and proportions combine harmoniously, drawing a sharp and refined image. The Dusk sideboard, available in two versions, stands out for its style and textural effects.

  • Top: wood, ceramic, marble
  • Structure: FSC® wood
  • Doors: FSC® wood, glass

Geode sideboard

Formal rigor and functional freedom come together in a simple and immediate language. The linearity of forms enhances the visual and sensory aspect of reclaimed wood.

  • Doors: reclaimed wood
  • Frame: brown planked Rovere Cotto wood, powder coated burnished metal 



Lymph table

The Lymph table takes on the sinuous contours of biomorphic forms. The shaped base supports a series of organically-shaped tops that create a soft and fluid convivial surface. Its freely drawn lines emphasize the skill and value of its artisan craftsmanship.

  • Top: FSC® wood and marble
  • Column base: FSC® wood, metal, marble

ILL Murano table

This table embodies the philosophy of Naturedesign. The star of the show is the centuries-old reclaimed wood, brought to new life, but preserving its timeworn character. Its unique character is further enhanced by a mass-cast Murano glass base.

  • Top: reclaimed wood
  • Base: Murano glass

Sail table

The base of Sail, like an interplay of light and shadow on which the top seems to float, reveals aesthetic and constructive concepts reminiscent of unfurled sails. Contrasting with the thin steel of the structure, the top is made of wood, ceramic, or marble, each version showcasing its particular material.

  • Top: FSC® wood, ceramic, marble
  • Base: metal

Waterfall table

Completely made of fired glass, each table is a unique, collectible piece. The purity of the design emphasizes the skillful artisan craftsmanship. The unique rock-effect finish of the top creates striking textural effects, projecting soft hues with an air of natural balance.

  • Top and base: fired glass



Bay Wood armchair

Casual and contemporary elegance with comfortably curved lines and light volumes. Soft padding makes for an inviting seat. Fabrics and leathers add pleasant tactile sensations.

  • Upholstery: fabric, leather, nabuk
  • Supports: FSC® wood

Pebble chair

Cozy and sophisticated, the Pebble chair is the perfect complement to every table in the new collection.

  • Upholstery: fabric, leather, nabuk

Stem bookshelf

The earth-and-sky bookshelf, Stem, creates spaces to be experienced with total freedom, balanced between functionality and creative flair. Available in rectangular or curved composition, with metal or wood uprights, and glass or fired glass shelves, it can be wall-mounted or can stand alone in the center of a room, defining the space in an informal way.

  • Shelves: glass, fired glass
  • Uprights: FSC® wood