The souls of I Ching

The low-voltage (24 VOLTS) 304L stainless steel electric heated towel rail designed by Elisa Ossino for Tubes.


What sets I Ching part is its low-voltage operation at 24 Volts, including the transformer kit, which in the galvanic finishes can be safely fitted in volume 1 of the bathroom, i.e. closest to water, in a walk-in shower or above a bathtub, and in wet areas in SPAS or bathroom cabins aboard yachts.

The comfortable soul of this product delivers an unparalleled experience. Every detail is devised to offer safe well-being, creating a welcoming bathroom setting even in summer, when in the presence of devices such as air conditioning I Ching avoids towels remaining damp and having that inevitable unpleasant clammy feel.


The timeless elegance soul of I Ching is a commitment to an evergreen style and quality built to stand the test of time. Just like a precious gem, the overall dimensions and thickness of I Ching have been pared down to a minimum to achieve a radical simplification of shape with no visible joints either. A patent for the recessed part also guarantees the long-term stability of the elements in the wall.


The unrivalled convenience soul of this product is designed to offer an exceptional experience and the utmost well-being. The fact that in the galvanic finishes this product can be fitted above a bathtub or a shower thanks to the 24 Volt operation eradicates the need to stretch awkwardly to reach for a warm and enveloping towel. In the 53 and 63 cm versions, towel positioning is extremely practical, as it can be inserted from the side.


Available in the 140 RAL colours available in the Tubes colour chart, I Ching makes it possible to embrace a variety of styles, fostering the creation of colour combinations that liaise with their surroundings and with the walls. The coloured soul of this heated towel rail offers an endless range of possibilities to express individual personalities, choosing from an extensive range of colours, from plain, simple shades to bright, bold hues.


The perfect match soul emphasises the attention to detail and versatility afforded by I Ching, allowing you to match the product impeccably with any style and trend. The extensive range of metallic finishes available, a total of no less than 13, including glossy, satin finish, brushed and matt, affords the designer the flexibility of easily matching the element with other bathroom components, such as the taps.

Photo credit_ Elisa Ossino Studio