VENINI launches the Ginkgo Biloba capsule collection

The new collection offers a new take on the brand’s collections, expressing the power of nature’s colors.

Synonymous with creativity, craftsmanship, uniqueness, VENINI interprets the arrival of autumn through an extraordinary chromatic sensitivity, bringing to life the new “Ginkgo Biloba” capsule collection.

A tribute to the beauty of nature and its capacity for rebirth, the collection dresses up in a bright yellow its iconic pieces Fazzoletto, Deco, Monofiore Balloton, and Opalino, the Bloom vases, Ritagli, and the Balloton Luce, Deco Luce and Fantasmino table lamps.

The new color takes its inspiration from the hue that the majestic tree of oriental origin – a unique plant and one of the oldest on Earth – assumes in the fall, when the tree’s distinctive bilobate leaves light up with intense golden tones, expressing that aura of vitality and renewal that nature and its elements always radiate, making them unique.

It is a vivid color that evokes light, the sun and warmth, a symbol of positivity, energy and transformation. It is a hue that conveys vibrant elegance and intense expressivity, enhancing the beauty of VENINI vases. Handpicked by Silvia Damiani, President of Venini, and Marco Piva, Art Director of the glassworks, it tells the story of the brand’s mastery in shaping glass, crafting products that captivate and stir emotions.