The "Works of Sobriety" by Studio HAOS

The Lisbon based Studio HAOS presents its fourth collection of furniture and lighting: eight simple forms meant to convey emotion in the most elemental way possible. Aimed at purifying filmmaking by refusing special effects and technical gimmicks, the Dogme 95 movement – started by Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg – served as an anchoring intention. 

Convinced that the beauty of design holds greater power in modesty, Studio HAOS rejects the “need” for expensive materials or rare expertise. Instead, the duo - Sophie Gelinet and Cédric Gepner - seeks to elevate humble materials – such as plywood and sheet metal – in the construction of considered objects and structures. Listed by Architectural Digest among the 100 most influential creatives since 2020, the studio is represented by galleries in New York, Miami, London, Seoul and Antwerp.