RAK Ceramics revolutionizes the kitchen with CookingRAK

RAK Ceramics, one of the world’s leading ceramics brands, introduces one-of-a-kind invisible induction cooktop, ‘CookingRAK’, designed to create a multifunctional kitchen space ideal for daily use.

By integrating CookingRAK into countertops, users can prepare, cook and dine in the same space ideal for day-to-day and entertaining by combining both high-performance RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs with an innovative induction system that operates through a magnetic field. With its versatile features, CookingRAK will transform any kitchen into a space where the best experiences are lived.

Exclusively developed to be used only with RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs in 14.5 mm thickness and 135.5 x 305 cm size, which are resistant to heat and scratches as well as being made of non-porous material that does not harbor molds and bacteria, the new product is food-safe and easy to clean.

Without compromising the cooking quality, CookingRAK also uses less energy than traditional electric and gas systems.

Safety in the kitchen is a matter of great importance, and with CookingRAK’s induction system, neighbouring countertop surfaces do not heat up. Instead, it works using electromagnetic currents and will only heat the cookware placed over the hob.

CookingRAK provides two convenient methods of control for operating the system: the attached remote controller or its dedicated application. Through the application, users can easily turn the system on or off, adjust the power level of the hobs, and set timers while cooking. The application can be downloaded for free from both Apple Store and Google Play.

To make it easier to locate the cooking points on the countertop, RAK Ceramics offers the option to customise the system with special markings in six different variations. This ensures compatibility with any kitchen style while maintaining the quality and absorbency of the slabs.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, CookingRAK offers a wide selection of effects that effortlessly complement any style. The carefully designed color scheme caters to the diverse preferences of modern customers, embracing the latest trends available in five ranges — Marbles, Stone, Concrete, Metals and Unicolor—harmonising flawlessly with different aesthetics, from modern to classic or rustic.

Leonardo de Muro, Vice President, International Business Development, Marketing and Communication, RAK Ceramics, said, "As a ceramic and porcelain industry leader, we are continuously exploring ways to enhance our consumers spaces with innovative solutions. With the launch of CookingRAK, our goal was to create multifunctional kitchen spaces that are versatile, safe to use without compromising the aesthetics of one’s home. The CookingRAK system is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality with the added convenience of digital controls, making it a true innovation for the modern kitchen."

CookingRAK by RAK Ceramics is available for customization and purchase at RAK Ceramics showrooms across UAE.