ABK Group acquires Desvres

After the recent acquisitions of Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea S.p.A. and the Spanish company Arbe Stolanic, ABK Group continues its expansion plan with the arrival of Desvres, the French company founded in 1863 that closed 2020 with a turnover of over 40 mln/€. 
The investments of ABK Group are supporting the renovation of the manufacturing plant in Boussois, which is soon producing increasingly larger formats (such as 80x80, 60x120 and 20x120 cm), passing from the current 5 million square meters per year to about 7 million square meters by the end of 2022.
“The complete boost of Desvres brand and the consequent expansion of the export markets are among our medium-term goals”, Alessandro Fabbri, Managing Director Sales & Marketing, explains. “Following ABK Group history, we have chosen to invest in brands with a strong international tradition, to refloat them at the top of the market thanks to the propulsive and innovative fillip of our corporate vision”.
The strategic geographical location, in the north of France, will also allow the creation of a production and distribution hub just for 20 and 30 mm thick outdoor floors. “We will be closer to the main consumer markets for this type of product” - Fabbri adds - “namely France, Belgium, Germany, UK and Holland, with important advantages both in terms of logistics and transport costs”. This acquisition confirms ABK Group among the top players in the Italian ceramic sector, with a turnover forecast that will shoot from 150 million/€ (in 2020) to over 180 million/€ at the end of 2021.